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The People Who Make it Happen



Administrator - Water Extraordinaire! Efficiency Queen, Tamer of Chaos. Heather keeps our office duties in check and ensures our guests get all they need for a fantastic charter experience. Born into a family that has a love for the water, they moved to their summer home in Bullhead City permanently in 1989.  Heather has experience navigating the water ways on many types of vessels from speed boats to pontoon boats.  Her business expertise is an added bonus.  Heather and Eric met in 2016 and ever since then they have spent most of their free time on the Colorado River, Lake Mohave or off the coast of Catalina.  For Heather, the best part of starting AZ River Dayz is the people.

“I love conversing with all the guest and meeting lots of different people.”


Captain Eric

Eric grew up along the shores of Lake Washington where he first took the wheel of a 7.5 ft Livingston on open water.  In 1998 Eric made the move to Bullhead City, AZ where he spent most afternoons exploring the Colorado River on his jetski.  He spent the next decade fishing along the Colorado River, Lake Mohave and off the shore of Catalina.  For many years he and his wife Heather and sons, Kelden and Matthew, have divided their time between working and playing on the water.  Eric has experience Captaining vessels of many sizes and shapes.  Their isn't a boat that he can't navigate thru the crazy water ways of Arizona/Nevada.    



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